"Discover the SECRETS and TECHNIQUES of bike servicing and repairs that the shops DON'T want you to know!!"

Have you for years wanted to get an old bike out of the garage and start riding again but it needs repair and you simply haven’t had the time??

Is your bike sitting broken and redundant in the garage because you just haven’t had the time to get it fixed?

Do you want to get fit again, loose weight and start cycling to work, but haven’t been able to because the bike is sitting in the garage and needs a good service?

Have you wanted to take your family cycling on a holiday, but the bikes needed repair?

Do you want to improve the safety of your bike, increase its efficiency and maximise the enjoyment of ride?

Do you want to stop and avoid paying extortionate labor fees on bike servicing that are as simple as visually scanning the bike?

Do you want to avoid being persuaded into buying expensive new parts that you are more than likely not to even need?

How to improve the efficiency of your pedal power and to improve the efficiency of your ride?

Then you have come to the right place!

Stuart Wilson from Cycling National Performance in Australia said in 2008:
“TeachMeFixMe’s Cycle Service and Repair Guides is a comprehensive manual that is one of the easiest resources around to use. If it can’t help you repair, maintain or get your bike out of the garage, nothing will!”

Have you for years:

  • Wanted to get fit again and loose weight?
  • Take your family out on weekend bike rides or the next holiday?
  • Save the environment and commute to work?
  • cycling pictures Except you’ve had a flat tyre, damaged gear set, or worrying brakes, that you feel its too much effort to get sorted taking to a store to be fixed professionally? Well, NO LONGER should that be a problem. In less than 30 minutes you can pick this guide up and be ready to ride! 96% of bike stores cannot offer a walk in service, and 100% will charge you for it with labour and replacement part charges. It LITERALY has never been so quick, easy and cheap to uncover your bike and have it working ready again!

    Have you ever wondered:

  • What a bike service or repair involves?
  • What you actually get for your money?
  • And if you are actually getting ‘that’ for your money?
  • best way to repair bike
    Then you are right to question these. In the past few years bad press of pushy sales techniques, incompetent staff and poor customer service has undermined the cycling industry.

    John Moore CEO from Bike Frequently UK said in February 2008
    “When poised with the opportunity, poorly trained technicians and complacent staff, are increasingly pressuring customers into expensive replacement parts or even brand new bikes. The larger chain stores are the worst offenders.”

    WHO ARE TeachMeFixMe.com?

    TeachMeFixMe.com is the Internet’s foremost Do It Yourself website to teaching YOU, how to repair everyday items with clear and simple, comprehensive guides. Each guide has a unique TeachMeFixMe™ layout that makes it user friendly to use, and fun to learn how to fix problems around home and work environments.

    We teach you what tradesmen DON’T want you to know. These guides will put expensive tradesmen out of business when YOU, realise the ease in repairing often very minor problems that are easily understood with help from TeachMeFixMe™.

    In this tough economic environment, why spend $100s on phone calls, callout charges, labour costs, parts plus extras. Why put up with the hassle and inconvenience of waiting for weekday working hours, and then give up your own work to fit in with a tradesman’s diary? Dictate your own hours, wage and time by fixing quickly and easily these tasks yourself.

    “…This book is worth three times what you (TeachMeFixMe) are asking…”
    Michael Barnes, WA Australia

    bike repair guide servicing manual

    SO how does a TeachMeFixMe Bike Servicing & Repair guide help YOU?

    You will GAIN the:

    1. Knowledge to INSTANTLY SERVICE you own bike now and forever.
    2. Knowledge to INSTANTLY REPAIR you own bike now and forever whenever you need.
    3. Save MONEY every year for every bike you own for the rest of your life! Basic bike services start at roughly $45 and increase to over $300 for premium services. This guide is the full whack for half the cost of ONE basic service. It’s an investment that you will keep saving and never loose on!
    4. The KNOW-HOW to help your friends, family, team members, colleagues at work and even yourself! And avoid being ripped off by your 'local and reputable' bike store.
    5. Save you TIME, HASSLE and INCONVINENCE of scheduling bike servicing and ensuring the bike is delivered and picked up to the bike shop's diary! Have independence and spend this wasted time more productively as you choose.
    6. Ability to get your bike out of the garage and get riding today!
    1. Paying for expensive labour charges for bike servicing
    2. Paying for expensive and unnecessary spare parts
    3. Have the worry of being charged or sold unnecessarily parts you simply don’t even need
    4. Wasting time making phone calls and booking servicing appointments often a long time in advance
    5. Waste your time in transporting your bike(s) to a service or repair store.
    6. Waiting for a repair or service which may take weeks
    7. The hassle of a bike breaking down before a family trip or a competition.

    If you fit into any of these scenarios, then you have come to the right place!

    “TeachMeFixMe, ... in little over 30 minutes I was able to realign my gears, stop them skipping, and fix my brakes to respond better. I now know how to repair a puncture on the go too. I’m no longer hesitant to get out and about and enjoy the countryside anymore…Cheers for making it so easy”
    David Phipps, Bristol, UK


    If you ask any mechanic or experienced cyclist, they’ll tell you the importance of check ups. The cycling industry recommends that all types of bike (mountain, road, touring, BMX, etc) with regular to high use, should be serviced every 3-6 months, while a bike used less frequently down to once a year, should be serviced every 12-18 months.Apart from it being of vital safety importance to not wait for parts to fail, ensuring the reliability of working parts gives you a much more pleasant and comfortable ride, with more efficiency for your pedal power.

    “We advise that all riders have a basic grasp of repairs for such things as wheel punctures and gear and brake tuning.”
    Evans Bikes online

    ‘The Complete Guide To Bike Servicing and Repairs!’ teaches you how to service any bike and repair wherever and whenever YOU like. Why spend the time yourself of:
    • Finding and booking an appointment with a reputable bike store
    • Packing and transporting your bike back and forth
    • The waiting time period for an appointment and the length of one
    • Not having your bike ready to ride when you want it
    • These are associated stresses that people feel compelled into accepting by stores who only value your money and not your time.
    • This guide is great for:
      Individuals not interested in paying O.T.T labour fees for an undemanding job
      Individuals who do not want to be ‘told’ they must have a new part, but tell them they don’t because they actually know so.
      Scout groups
      Bike touring groups
      Cycling centres
      Families who want to get their bikes up and running again
      Anybody who wants to help themselves or a loved one get active again.

      mountain bike repair guide

      download bike service and repairs


      You might want to service a bike to repair a broken part, to decrease the wear of its working parts, or to ensure its operating efficiency before a trip or break. Having the knowledge to repair your own or anyone else’s bike is a surprisingly simple process and useful skill before and during cycling when you consider the cost of labour and repair charges over time. There are many different levels of bike service that companies offer. These can range from $45 to more than $300.

      The difficulty is never fully knowing what we get for our money as the service changes place to place. This guide provides the equivalent to the best FULL PREMIUM service available, so you’ll be able to pick and choose what you want done-and not have to pay for it!In the book ‘The Complete Guide To Bike Servicing and Repairs!’ , you will learn the following techniques and more:

      1. How to adjust gear levers, brakes and tension cables
      2. Check parts for wear and rust
      3. Ensure gears adjust and correctly engage.
      4. Check tyres/hubs and checking correct pressure
      5. Check frame and forks for safety


      If you haven’t already, then you should download the FREE report-“7 Golden Steps To Get Riding Again” . This will give you an inside insight into money, time and hassle saving techniques of simple repairs to a road, mountain or touring bike. Reading this FREE report could be your kick-start to a healthy lifestyle, more quality family time, and the chance to improve your enjoyment of cycling and appreciating our environment. What have you to loose? IT’S FREE (we only use these details to send you this report-NO SPAM!)

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      TeachMeFixMe™ UNIQUE LAYOUT

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      All TeachMeFixMe™ guides use a customarily designed unique layout. This was developed solely for TeachMeFixMe guides to help maximise the ability to learn and understand the topic. Not only are we very proud of it, but our customers have praised us for it too: Hear what they have had to say:

      “Dear Robert,
      I’m writing to personally thank your team behind the TeachMeFixMe.com ‘Cycle service and repair guide’ for producing this awesome manual. It has literally been so easy to use and understand that I hardly had to think! With the little bit of commitment I made buying this, after 10 years I have finally got my bike out of the garage and now loosing weight cycling to work again and am so much happier for it. Cont…
      Many Thanks,"
      Henry Murphy, Leeds, UK.

      I wanted to send this email to leave a sterling feedback in response to the e-book that I purchased from your website last month. I opened it immediately and suddenly realized how simple it was going to be to get my old bike back up and running. Your layout is very clever and made the whole process a breeze. I am considering using this knowledge I have gained to put an ad in the paper to fix up other peoples bikes before they catch this book!"
      Best Regards
      Mike Andrews, Vancouver, Canada

      “Your bike manual was my catalyst to brush the cobwebs off my wife and my self’s bikes after nearly 15 years. For many of those years I have always said I was going to get them serviced and working properly again so that we could enjoy cycling trips along the coast again, but could never find the time to take them to a center. But this book has been so easy to use that I’ve simply had no excuses! Even my 25 year old children want me to fix theirs up too! Cont…”
      Shiv Patel, United States

      “This guide will save me $100s of dollars in the future on the costs of bike servicing and repairs as I now have the knowledge not to be conned or persuaded into charges for labour and parts which I’ve already learnt I never needed! I seriously recommend this book to anyone who wants to save the money! And the time wasted taking your bike to them! I re-cooped the cost instantly by not having to pay for a service that month and by doing it myself!”
      Bruce Rawlens, FL, United States

      “My son has read this and is now earning himself a wage from going out and fixing neighbour’s bikes-its saved me giving him the pocket money!!”
      Paul Russell, United States

      I have been very surprised with the stories that have been sent back to me and am touched that they have actually changed peoples lives!

      cytech approved

      However, our guides make the understanding process very easy for users to grasp make working to the step-by-step manual even easier. Its benefits are:

      • Clear pictures and graphics that will visually help you learn and understand
      • Experts certified by Cytech with decades of combined experience provide the detailed explanations

      • Unique features of TeachMeFixMe guides are that they include:
      • Tips and Techniques
      • Dos and Don’ts
      • Tools Required
      • Spare Parts
      Cycling guide map

      TeachMeFixMe has developed its cycle guides to help you learn how to perform a “Typical Bike Shop” service. The idea is to save you the money in the cost of your time in arranging a bike service, and the exaggerated labour and replacement parts costs associated to one.


      Why not learn how to carry out bike repairs to start your own sideline business? Let TeachMeFixMe teach you how, and you can create a small income earner repairing and servicing bikes of your friends, family and neighbours for a service that bike shops charge many times over. And this can all be done from the comfort of your own garage!


      No longer accept the 'norm' that bike shops do not want you to step out of. After all, why would they want people to repair their own bike at a fraction of the cost that they charge, and loose years and years of ongoing profit-made from us!
      You will gain knowledge and skills to service and repair your OWN bike, and avoid being persuaded into purchasing extra services and products by tradesmen-simply because they know that you don’t have much experience on the subject. Now put YOURSELF in that dominant position!


      The TeachMeFixMe™ Cycle guide has been specifically designed to cater for complete mechanical novices to highly experienced bike store veterans to use as a step-by-step guide or as a reference manual for almost any repair! Do not feel this doesnt cater for you, as a bike is a bike no matter how experienced you are.

      “…This guide is now my PRIMARY tool for training new mechanics at my store. We now follow your servicing guide by the book as it has cut time and effort for us all. It’s been quicker and easier for staff to learn off than anything I have used before. Thoroughly recommended!/

      Peter Bhalsod Discovery Cycles, Austin, TX

      Cycling guides 100% Guaranteed


      If you are not 100% happy with this guide for ANY reason, we at TeachMeFixMe are not 10% happy. We will refund you 100% of the cost within 60 days of purchase and you can keep the product for free with no questions asked. If you don’t recover twice the cost of this book by performing a bike servicing or repairs yourself within 24 months, I will again refund you the full 100% of its cost. These are my personal promises. Hopefully this shows our confidence in this product from our extensive research and overwhelmingly positive feedback.

      Instant download for cycling service and repair guides with bonus features!
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      ‘The Complete Guide To Bike Servicing and Repairs!’ is available NOW for $34.99 for a limited time only introductory offer (RRP of $59.99). The full service guide and extensive repair manual uses the acclaimed TeachMeFixMe layout that makes it easier to understand than any other guide you’ll find online. Click below to buy now, and you’ll soon have a bike which is ready to breath new energy into your life, teach you new skills to help friends and family, and even give you a chance to start a small income earning business.

      Click here to get your book instantly! You have absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain as this guide is 100% GUARANTEED! Why not give it a try!

      P.S. If you do purchase one of these guides, please drop me an email at Robert@teachmefixme.com and let me know how it helped you!