TeachMeFixMe's Terms and Conditions for the 'Your Ideas' Free ebook policy

1. If you submit an idea to the Your Ideas page on TeachMeFixMe.com, our research team will consider it, and will decide to their requirements whether to produce it or not.

2. Not all books will be produced and TeachMeFixMe is not liable for miss guidance in its marketing. A good idea will be produced if it fits in with the TeachMeFixMe business model.

3. There are no rights for complaints or

4. Due to the size of our operations, it is not possible to provide feedback to unselected bids.

5. As soon as an idea is submitted to TeachMeFixMe.com it becomes property of TeachMeFixMe.

6. If selected, our team will be in touch within 14 days, and work will start there after. Time to complete the book is 4 weeks.

7. The submitter of the 'Idea' will be entitled to the first public offering of the e-book. Should they refuse it, TeachMeFixMe will offer it to the public at its own disposal and in its own time.

8. TeachMeFixMe will only produce e-copies of produced books, but can arrange hard copies at request (for an additional cost).

9. TeachMeFixMe will own full rights to the book. TeachMeFixMe will own full rights to its reproduction.

10. TeachMeFixMe will take legal action on any person or owner of a computer that resells, distributes, copies, alters, adjusts these free e-books, in order to protect itself and cover its costs of this free service.