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Thanks for visiting us, and thanks for looking to propose an idea for a free book. If there is a guide you might require for a hobby, sport, household appliance, technical good etc...that you feel fits in with the TeachMeFixMe policy, recommend it to us quickly, and if approved we ll produce it for you for free.

Please submit any ideas in the form below that you feel could be used as guides to help people save money around the home, office, or elsewhere. If it can be produced to help teach people to perform a service, repair or fix minor problems-that otherwise would cost $100s to call out specialists, then the TeachMeFixMe research team are sure to approve it.

If approved, our research team will undergo intensive research for the subject, and produce a well referenced, detailed, in depth and thorough e-book within 4 weeks.

I will be personally in touch to confirm if your bid is successful and I would like to integrate you in its development if you so wish.

On completion, I shall issue you the first public copy for your own use.

Robert at

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Please click on our terms and conditions of our Your Ideas policy. But YES! A good idea, is free! No catches! But please read for your own reference.

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